By sharing my personal narrative of the struggle with the impact the illness had on my life and my life in-turn, on the illness and the adaptations made over time, I want to start a conversation on how the 'creative engagement' empowered me. How it helped me to re-gain control from the overpowering emotions and challenges stemming from a rare long term illness as well as a plethora of life altering changes. 

I hope others will benefit from my example by tapping into their inner creativity to incorporate art or similar creative ways to their own healing.  To be seen, heard & included gives more control over day to day living.



Glasgow UK  

April 2016

I was invited to display some of my digital art work at the conference which illustrates my journey with integrating creativity and healing.


Manchester medical school

 october 2016

I did my first workshop with a group of students doing a masters degree in Medical Humanities attached to Manchester of University.

Manchester, UK



Manchester Royal Infirmary

 November 2016

I was invited to display some of my art work at the hospital stall, during self care week in the UK. The Focus was on spreading awareness on creativity as non-drug aspects to self care, using my personal experience.

Manchester, UK


Ruri foundation launch, Sri lanka  

December 2016

I was given an opportunity to share my reflections on creativity and healing. This foundation does amazing work with children facing challenging circumstances.

Colombo, Sri Lanka



University of Kelaniya, Sri lanka

December 2016

Workshop on “Creative Empowerment - exploring the healing power of art” organised by the Kalana Mithuru Centre together with the Coordinating Centre for Students with Disabilities, University of Kelaniya.

Colombo, Sri Lanka



vasculitis patient symposium

march 2017

I was invited to speak at the patient education day organised by Vasculitis UK on "Transforming Illness experience with Art"

Manchester, UK



Alkaptonuria society patient workshop

march 2017

I did a session on incorporating digital art in self-management of long term illnesses at the 6th AKU society patient workshop

London, UK


                                                                    Upper GI cancer support meeting

march 2017

I shared my personal insights integrating creativity and art to make the illness experience better to a group of patients with upper GI cancer

Trafford Hospital, Manchester UK



Art of dying                                            local exhibition,                        Manchester royal infirmary


march 2017

In aid of dying matters week, I was part of the palliative care team attached to Central Manchester University Hospitals Trust exhibiting art work

Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester UK


Green walk open house arts and crafts fair

april 2017

Opportunity to interact with the local community and exchange ideas on "The healing power of Art"


The Art of Dying – Art Exhibition and Celebration Event                        Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

May 2017

Attended the exhibition at the Whitworth Gallery as part of the specialist palliative care team stall (Central Manchester University Hospital Trust)

Manchester, UK



parents support meeting MENCAFEP  

June 2017

My first talk to a group of parents and team at  Mencafep - Sri Lanka site on integrating creativity and healing, using art as a tool to face challenging situations faced by children and young adults with disabilities

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka


Support Meeting - Cerebral Palsy Foundation

July 2017                                                                           

Talking to parents and staff at Cerebral Palsy foundation on ‘Creative empowerment’ Exploring the healing power of art 26th July 2017

Colombo, Sri Lanka



University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

August 2017

Talk at University of Kelaniya on "Transforming illness experience with art" to counselling staff and arts students 14/08/2017

Colombo, Sri Lanka



Rare diseases rheumatology patient support meeting

September 2017

A fantastic day, speaking at the Rheumatology patient support group meeting. Sharing my experiences integrating creativity and art in long term illnesses. Organised by Ruth Newton, specialist Rheumatology nurse at Scarborough Hospital, UK 16/09/2017

Scarborough Hospital, UK



October 2017

Speaking on "transcending illness, disability and pain with Art" at the communications in healthcare event hosted by Healthcare Alliance Society. It was a great opportunity to share reflections and start a conversation on the role of arts in health.

And meet Chris, co-founder of Kate Granger's campaign #hellomynameis 

Manchester, UK





A session with Medical Humanities students attached to Manchester Medical school on "Using art to transform the narrative of long term illness" 14/11/2017

Manchester. UK


University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

December 2017


Great experience speaking to mass media students Department of Mass Communication, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.  on "Using Art for social change" yesterday. 12/12/2017

Colombo, Sri Lanka