Changing Lanes is about my reflections and visual expressions from moments of meaning along my journey with a rare long term illness.



      A personal narrative on Art, Healing & Chronic illnesses sharing my       lived experience with the illness.

Adaptations I had to under go through phases over time:

                The Struggle                                                                                                    The uncertainty, The loss of control & Battling the beasts within

                Acceptance & Recovery                                                                                        Taming the beasts within                                                                                                                                      


       Alterations to shifts in Attitude, Perceptions, Self-image, Self-identity          & Lifestyle.



    Finding new ways to adapt to long term conditions in the Digital age          - How Digital Art helped me to cope with pain & illness management. 

From my own experience, art adds colour & perspective, when the skies are grey...
— Shanali Perera